Monday, July 2, 2012

Tiger Lilies

My Auntie has the most gorgeous garden! My Auntie and Uncle's entire backyard, is AMAZING!! Since I was a little girl, I've LOVED to go visit them. And the one memory that never fades, has always been their pretty flowers. :)

Last year, my Auntie was thinning out her flowers. Oh boy! Her lirios and lilies grow and grow. Into HUGE clumps. Every year, she thins them out. Plants them in other areas. And gives some away.

I just happened to go, a week too late!! But my Auntie promised me, that she'd save a bunch for me. This Spring!! In March, she called me. And told me, that I just needed to take her some containers. When the girls and I got there, oh my!

The girls and I helped her dig them out. And we left, with over 30 plants!! I just couldn't believe it. And I was so happy, when we got home. And planted them. Right away!! My Auntie told me, they probably wouldn't bloom until next year. Because they usually bloom in May. And would need some time to get established.

But guess what? They just bloomed! Not all of our flowers. I'm just so excited for next Spring! This is going to be so fun. :) I'm not sure what it is, about these little orange flowers, but they make me smile!!

Part of it, is I remember fun memories, from my childhood. Part of it, is all the good memories I share with my cousin, Auntie, and Uncle! I'm just so happy, that our backyard, is going to be full of these pretty flowers. Very soon! It just makes me so happy!! ~Maggie

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now That We're Home....

Now that we're home, I've never been so glad, that we built garden boxes last summer! We came home, to a nice garden. :) Full of gorgeous plants, and a few veggies, that were ready to eat.

Of course, we have my parents to thank too! They came by and watered for us. 3 times a week. The entire time we were gone. But I'm 100%, that our garden boxes, just made it so much easier for them.

Not to mention, there is a lot less weeding, that has to be done with garden boxes. Watering is usually, fast and easy too! The picture above, was our inspiration. And in 1 Saturday morning, my hubs and I, were able to build 4 of these. Definitely a gardeners best friend! ~Maggie

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty Necklaces

I've been dreaming of new jewelry. Something fun. And of course, easy to wear!! When you become a Mommy, you suddenly realize, life has to become more simple. No more complicated shoes, or jewelry. And it should be "baby friendly!" There were more times than not, when my kiddos would use my necklaces as teething tools.

Isn't this a fun necklace? I just LOVE how interesting it is. Without being too overwhelming. Or boring.

And I just adore the birds on this necklace!! How fun is this?? Oh my goodness! I really wish I could find this necklace. Both of these necklaces, were found on a recent Google search. With broken links. :(

Has anyone seen necklaces like this? I would adore wearing one. Something fun and stylish. I want one. I would like to buying one. Or two! ~Maggie

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cutest Bows Ever!!

Not too long ago, I seen this picture. In the middle of a Pinterest search. For the world of me, I can't find the link to it. Or the website, that this picture came from....

But I just adore these bows. I've made a few trips to the store. Picked out some felt that I like. And now, I just need to bite the bullet. And make a few of these. I know that my girls would LOVE to wear something this cute! ~Maggie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tooth Fairy Time

Brianna is at that age. You know, when the teeth start their business. They get a little loose. Wiggling about. Telling you, they're ready to come out. Making room for the big guys. Jake thought this was the coolest thing!! He was so excited when his first tooth, got loose. He and my hubs, have found fun and new ways, to get those little guys out. Every loose tooth, has lead to a new fun trick, to help out. :)

Brianna, not so much!! I knew it was coming. I'm actually surprised, that we've gotten this far, without any loose teeth. But it's happened!! And my dear daughter, won't eat. She wants things like soups, apple sauce, anything soft. She eats on one side of her mouth. And takes 10 minutes to very carefully, brush her teeth.

I think she's scared. Scared that she will loose all her teeth. And never get anymore!! I've talked to her. My hubs has talked to her. So has her big brother, Jake. Nothing is working!! My kids have a dentist appointment tomorrow. And I'm a little nervous for my Bri!!

I started a little treat for her. A little Tooth Fairy. And I'm hoping, that tomorrow, the dentist might be able to convince Bri, that her tooth has to come out. That's were this sweet little one comes in. I'm hopefully, it will provide some comfort. 'Cause really, who doesn't want a trip from the Tooth Fairy?

It's not a tough pattern. If I had planned ahead, she would be done!! Instead, I'm quickly trying to finish her. If not, we might have a disaster on our hands. Heck, we still might!! Please keep Bri, and our dentist in your prayers. We're all going to need it! ~Maggie

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun for a Tuesday!!

I know today is Tuesday. But to me, it still feels so much like a Monday. Long holiday weekends, do that to a person! Well, I wanted to show you something. That put a big smile on my face!

This is the Sew It Like You Mean It dress! Isn't it just too fun? I thought so! The fabric is so fun! And the style of the dress, is classic. Now I wouldn't wear this dress. I think I'm a few years, too old. But it made my day a little brighter. It's clothes like this, that make me wish, I had had more money, when I was younger. Or that I was a little younger right now. Do you know what I mean? ~Maggie

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rick Rack Fun!

Many of our friends and family, are welcoming new babies. It's such a wonderful time. And I want to continue, making them each a gift. I think it's so nice, to make something for a new baby. To go with a cute store bought item.

Recently, I came across this pattern. For the Rickrack Rainbow Blanket. I just think it's adorable! And honestly, a precious blanket, for my baby girl. :)

Out of all of our kiddos, Audrey is the most like me. Appreciates things from yesteryear. When I tell her we're going thrifting, my little girl jumps up and down!! Yes, she loves it that much. :)

I'm thinking of making her, her very own "Wic Wac Bankie." Audrey has walked around for days, saying that. I'm thinking, we need to go shopping, together, for the perfect yarn! ~Maggie

Monday, May 21, 2012

Girly Skirt

Lizzie and I were doing some Pinterest searching the other day. And we happened to see this adorable skirt. "Momma can you make me one? Putty peas?" The girl thinks, her momma can make anything.

I followed the pin here. And was pleased, that there was an incredible tutorial!! Score. In my head, I thought, "Well maybe, I can do this."

I haven't gotten too far on this project. But hope, by the end of the month, to have 3 done!! I know, I might have chewed off too much. But it's for my girls. :)

We've made it to the fabric store. I let my girls each pick out a color. And I've gotten 2 of the 3 cut out. Cross your fingers everyone. My girls now run to the sewing machine, every time that they hear it. I just hope, this project goes as well in real life, as it's going in my mind. ~Maggie

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I guess I should start off with, my hubs and I bought a house. When we were very young! We've dated since we were teens!! Yes, we're one of "those couples." But we were so excited and proud, when we bought our first home. I was actually still a teen...I was 19!! And weeks away from getting married. We had thought about just buying a "first home." But decided to look for a "forever home" instead. That was the best decision, we could have ever made!

My hubs and I, had looked at so many different houses. But we kept getting pulled to one side of town. Our realtor wasn't happy with us. She wanted us to buy a brand new home. On the other side of town. One that was overpriced, in our opinion, for what it was. No yard. Yes, they were gorgeous houses. But it didn't feel like home, to us.

Instead, we bought an older house. On the side of town, that we liked most! :) That sits on an acre of land. It's a HUGE house. I remember thinking, what are we going to do with all this room?? Now I laugh at that! We're a family of 6 now. And it feels like, this house was built just for us!

Over the last, almost 12 years, we've done a lot to our home! A LOT!! In fact, just a few years ago, my hubs surprised us, with a swimming pool. :) How cool is that? These are the things, that an old house can provide for you. And a BIG yard!! The opportunity to grow. To customize our home.

But let it be known, an older house is also tough. There is ALWAYS at "to-do list." ALWAYS!! Weird things are always happening. And we usually have to contact 10 people, before we can make a plan. It takes a ton of money. Which is tight, for us. A family of 6, living on 1 income. Oh ya!!

We are lucky though. My hubs enjoys DIY projects. Honestly, he is so proud of himself, when he can do the job himself. And do it good! We also have lots of help. My parents, my in-laws, friends, some other family.

We've wanted to update our kitchen for years!! Nothing too crazy. Because we really do like the "bones" of the kitchen. I LOVE our old cabinets! They're HUGE!! Definitely not something I want to get rid of. But they are dark. And a little dated. We want to make some updates.

My hubs has his plans all mapped out. We actually took a 4 hour drive, not too long ago, to score a GREAT deal on tile!! We got it, for 70% off!! We just couldn't pass up that deal. Did I mention we also got our counter tops? Expensive ones....on a great deal!! We were lucky enough, to have some good friends, who went with us. They brought back the counter tops, and we brought the tile.

When we first moved into our home, we updated the appliances. I remember thinking, we are crazy!! Those other appliances aren't so bad. Why did we just spend all that money?? In the long run, I'm glad we did. That and a fresh coat of paint, were all the updates, that we made at the time. But now, it's time to update the rest!!

We have everything that we need. All our supplies. Paint and everything!! We're putting in wood floors. The tile is for the back splash. We also bought tile for the last bathroom, that we have left, to remodel. In less than 12 years, we've remodeled 3 bathrooms already!

But this is where we're having an issue. I'm almost 100% positive, that my hubs would rather buy some cabinets. New ones. Ready to roll. Me? I want to keep our old ones. But give them a "face lift." That means, lots and lots of research!!

I've talked to my cousin. Who in fact, redid her own cabinets. Because in her words, she's a "poor college student, that can't afford luxuries." At the time that she painted her cabinets, I think she had owned her home, for all of 2 years. And was eating Ramen every night! Ya, this was a necessity. Girl couldn't afford food, much less new cabinets!!

Let me tell you, we've spent a good 8 hours, talking about the process. She's shared all the tips. And tricks!! Then I found this little article. And I'm feeling pretty positive about this process. I bought all the supplies. Including new hardware! For about $100. A lot cheaper, than new cabinets!

I've even convinced my parents, to watch all 4 kiddos for a weekend!! I'm praying. I know my kiddos will be good. But I'm almost positive, this will be the 1st time, they take all 4 kids, at once! For an entire weekend!!

I've even let my hubs know, I'll do the cabinets. All by myself. :) This really did give me a lot of confidence! I'm going to do it all! Sanding and painting. I'm even going to try and install the new hardware. But my hubs has got to do the rest! Because let's be honest, what do I know about tiling and laying floors? If you have any tips or tricks, please let me know! And maybe even, say a few prayers for me. :) ~Maggie

Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma in Red

My hubs and kids, spoiled me this year!! I must have been a good girl. ;) My Mother's Day was so fun!! And relaxing. Filled with lots of love, fun presents, and the people I love. :) First up, are my presents. Because I really didn't expect them!!

Don't you just LOVE this dress? I do!! I like that it's a dress that I can wear casually. Or I can dress her up!! The style of the dress is so fun. So is the name of the dress....Red-y for Inspiration. Late last night, my hubs told me, it sorta reminds him of when I wear his shirts to bed. :)

Oh, and not to be outdone, is this lovely dress!! I just adore the style of the dress. The print is just AMAZING!! Oh, the Red-y for Tea Dress, is my favorite new dress!!

Can you see why I feel so blessed? And spoiled!! On top of all of this, my hubs gave me some beautiful flowers. My kiddos made me the most adorable cards, and a cake. :) My hubs cooked up a yummy breakfast in bed. At church, they showered us Mommas with prayers, little gifts, and tons of love!!

We also had a BBQ at our house. With all our favorite dishes. Cooked by my hubs, my Daddy, and my Daddy-in-Law. :) It was just such a fun day!! And it makes me feel like, I'm doing a good job with my own kiddos. Sometimes, it's just nice to know, that we're not ruining our kids. That we are actually doing a good job in raising them!! ~Maggie

Thursday, May 10, 2012


We've had some pretty weird weather lately. For over a week now, it's looked like it was going to rain. But it hasn't. :( It's been so muggy. And cloudy. The days are super windy. I just keep thinking, it has to rain. But we never get rain.

It's fooled us more than once. We didn't water our garden for a few days. Thinking, it's going to rain. I just know it! In the end, Jake and my hubs, spent a couple hours soaking everything last night. It was their "guy time." I'm telling you, the 2 of them, like to get away from all of us girls. Not all the time. But you can just tell, when they need a little time together.

While my boys were enjoy outside time together, I decided to work on a project with my girls. I'd seen this picture a while back. For the life of me, I can't remember where. If you know, please leave a comment. I'd love to give someone the credit!!

Anyway, I saw this picture. And thought, it would be a fun project. We enjoy us some rain around here. :) I showed Bri how to cut the raindrops. I already had a nice stack. But knew we'd need about 10 more. We used some felt. Lizzie would hand them to me. And Audrey sat on my lap, and helped me "sew" up some garlands.

In the end, we had 9 long garlands. That we hung on the windows. Around our breakfast nook. When my hubs came in, Audrey rain to him. "Daddy it waining!! It waining inside!!" She just loves our little rain drops. :) ~Maggie

Monday, May 7, 2012

They're So Excited!!

My hubs and I, have been saving our pennies. For years! Since before we got married. For a few years, those pennies, and well the rest of our pocket change, went into these large jars. They sat at the bottom of our closet. Then, when I was pregnant of Jake, we opened a bank account. Just for our change.

Little by little, this account has grown. We always knew, that we wanted to take our kids to Disney World!! ALWAYS!! When I was pregnant with Audrey, 2 thoughts crept into my head. 1. We're NEVER going to have enough money!! We're about to be a family of 6. How are we going to afford Disney World now? 2. If we managed to get enough money together, when would be the best time to go? Being that Jake and Audrey, are 6 years apart.

Well, my hubs and I, finally decided. This was going to be the year!! Nearly 2, should be a fun age to experience Disney World. And nearly 8, the magic should still be there. Last Summer, we started hunting for good deals. Around Christmas, we managed to book an incredible deal! One that made me feel a lot better, about the money we'd saved.

We let our parents know about our plans. And they gave our kiddos some "secret money" at Christmas. Actually, they gave it to us, in envelopes with their names on them. And my sister, and SIL both recently gave us some money for the kids. We've convinced our kiddos, to save most of their "birthday money" too!

Slowly, we've been buying some things we think we'll need. In the Fall, I stocked up on lots of clearance Summer clothes and shoes. With the help of my cousin, and Auntie, we've added touches of Disney to them. Making a plain t-shirt, something fun. With a little Disney fabric, some ribbon, whatever we thought would work.

And this weekend, we finally broke the news to our kiddos!! They were in shock at first. Didn't believe a word, that my hubs and I were saying. Then, they were over the moon!! Jumping around. So excited!!

My hubs had this great idea. To get them each a little notebook. And some Disney stickers. We spent Sunday, decorating their books. And writing down, what they wanted to do, while we're at Disney World. We showed them lots of brochures, got online, talked about all the things that are out there. Then we took to writing down our "must haves."

I wasn't surprised when Jake wanted to ride the cars. Or Bri wanted to visit Epcot. I thought it was super sweet, that Lizzie wants to go eat breakfast with the characters. And I was definitely not shocked, when Audrey said she had to ride the tea cups. And Dumbo!! :)

It's a good thing, that when we booked our trip, we booked all sorts of fun meals. Reservations at lots of these places, are tough to make. And have to be done, months and months in advance!!

Shay's blog, was also another good resource. Recently Shay and her family went to Disney World. Reading her blog, helped me to get a better picture, of what we are going to be doing. It's also helped me to plan some of my own, "must haves." I can't wait, to have fun with my family, in Disney World!! June can't come fast enough. ~Maggie

Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Ready

We're taking the kiddos on a fun vacation this summer! :) My hubs and I, are so excited!! We haven't told our kiddos yet. But we've been saving for a very long time! Since Jake was born. We had a special savings account. And anytime we had extra money, we'd put it there.

For the last year, we've been planning this trip. Making reservations, saving my hubs' vacation time, and slowly buying things that we'll need. Now I'm not sure, if this is a "need" or a "want." But I bought it. I figured all those pockets, will be perfect, for everything we'll need! Oh, and after the trip, I'll still have an amazing bag!! ~Maggie

Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Fun!!

I don't even know where I first found this picture, but it made me so happy! Because it would add a functional space, to our backyard. We live in the southwest, so there is plenty of sun around here. :)

I asked my hubs about it. And he told me, this project should be an easy one. If I do the sewing!! I think I can manage this project. :) I might even try to figure out, how to cover the top too!! We get so much sun, that it would be nice, to have a little shade. But not a heavy fabric. Something lightweight. That still makes it a fun and functional space. ~Maggie

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect for Tea Time!!

My girls are what you would call, "very girly!" We spend tons of time playing dress up, tea party, and dollies. That's our life. In a nutshell. But I love it so much!! Having daughters, has really changed my life. Showed me to slow down a bit. To embrace all the beautiful things in life.

I've been looking for things to add, to our supply of toys. Being a family of 6, on 1 income, can be a bit tough at times. My husband works so hard for us. And let's be honest, things like food, mortgage payments, and gas, take up most of our money.

This is one of the reasons, that I have completely embraced crafting. I want to be able, to provide my family with clothes and toys, that are handmade. And more affordable for our family. I'm grateful, that I have some skills, even if they are very basic, that allows me to provide for my family.

With all that being said, I wanted to update my kids' toys. I've been searching for patterns, and ideas everywhere! And when I seen this particular pattern, it just made me smile. Perfect for my girls!!

I've printed the pattern. Searched out the perfect colors, for each of my daughters. And spent many late nights, crocheting away!! I'm hoping, to have the 3 tea sets done, in the next week or so. Yes, I'm waiting to have all 3 done. I want for each of my girls, to have something very special. That is meant just for them! ~Maggie

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Crafty in the Backyard

Now that Spring is officially here, I've been looking for some projects to work on. With my kiddos. I came across this project. And I just knew, it was perfect for us! Bird feeders for our backyard!

On Friday, I called my Mom. I just knew she'd have the bottles. She had 8 of them. :) And I happened to notice, that Hobby Lobby was having a good sale. This week. On the rest of the pieces! The wooden bits. And I had a bunch of lids. Years ago, I bought a vintage suitcase. When we got home, I noticed it was loaded with old canning lids. I didn't know what to do with them. So they sat in our garage all this time! And we have tons of spray paint. Any color you'd need! I knew this project was meant to be!

This weekend we each made our own bird feeders. We have a lot of birds around here. 6 feeders just seemed appropriate! :) We helped Audrey with hers. And the rest of us, worked on our own. It was really an easy craft! And in less than an hour, we were done! Then my hubs painted them all! Everyone picking out their favorite colors. :)

Jake was so excited! He and my hubs went to buy birdseed. And they came back with a few different kinds. We filled up our bird feeders. And spent the rest of the weekend, watching all the cute birds. It's nice to have some useful projects in our yard. You should trying making one of these too! ~Maggie

Friday, April 20, 2012

Perfect Spring Dress

Audrey is all girl!! She reminds me so much of Lola. Her Godmother. :) Audrey loves shoes. She smiles so big, when you put her in a dress!! And since she was teeny tiny, my sweet baby girl, has liked bows and headbands. Yes, my daughter, is all girl!

And let's be honest here. She's our 3rd daughter. And mostly wears hand-me-downs. There's nothing wrong with that. But I want for Audrey to get some new clothes too! I thought about sewing her something. My mom recently brought me a whole stack of fat quarters. And Audrey is still small. A couple of fat quarters could make her, some cute dresses. :)

But recently, I took to looking for some crochet patterns. It's funny how quickly, I'm becoming a crochet addict!! But I found this pattern, and just loved it!! So I printed it out. Knowing that I'd buy some yarn, when I got my next JoAnn's coupon.

Well, Audrey happened to see it. And just loves it!! Audrey has walked around with this pattern picture, for days!! Telling everyone, that's her dress. :) Yes, I'm positive, that she already loves it!!

My dad just about died from the cuteness! Audrey just loves the idea, that she is going to get this dress. To a HUGE surprise to all of us, he showed up yesterday. With 2 giant skeins. While my sweet girls are napping, I've managed to get most of the headband done. :) And you know exactly, what I'll be doing, for the next week or 2. Quickly trying to crochet this dress. For my sweetest baby girl!! It just makes me laugh, that she things I can make anything. ~Maggie

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Sweetheart

I hate to disappoint all you lovey ladies out there. But I'm married to the World's Best Husband Ever!! Did you get that? Besides loving me with all his heart. Being the Best Daddy Ever, to our kiddos. Protecting us. Loving us. And providing for us. He likes to spoil us a bit. :) And over the last 3 years, he's surprised me with little things. Every week. Some weeks it's beautiful flowers. Other weeks, it's my favorite dessert. :) And every so often, something from my favorite shop!! Fun things. That I'd never think about. This week, I got this cute Heart Necklace. Thank you my love!! ~Maggie

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Our Song

I heard this song yesterday. It had been a tough day. Elizabeth was so sick. There was an accident in the car. A long wait in the doctor's office. Horrible traffic on the way home. As I'm trying my darnedest, to get there before the school bus. It was just a tough day.

This song came on. I hadn't heard it before. My brain was in overdrive. Trying to remember if I had fed Audrey lunch. And did I really have that 2nd medicine at home? I hoped that I wouldn't have to go back to Walgreen's. But these words spoke to me.

This song made me realize, I'm not in this alone. I have the most amazing man, who loves me. The man that vowed to be my husband, for all eternity. This man, that I've loved for almost my entire lifetime. We've had our ups and downs. Pretty serious ones. But in the end, we came back to each other. Because life, didn't make sense without each other.

My hubs knew it was a tough day. He'd called at lunch time. When Audrey was asking for a snack. I was pulled over, on the side of the road. Trying to clean up Lizzie. And the car. While I was on hold with the doctor's office. He could tell, it wasn't a good time. He just knew.

My hubs told me, he loved me. It was going to be OK. Did I need any help? I assured him, that I could handle it. And honestly, just hearing his voice, made me feel like I could. While I calmed down Lizzie, he talked to Audrey. Remember, I was on the side of the road. Kids in the car. Mommy trying to hold it together.

My hubs got off of work early. When we pulled into the driveway, my hubs was there. Getting Jake and Bri into the house. I'm sure, they were fully involved in conversations about crayons, kickball, and all things elementary school. :)

But he stopped. Turned to my car. My hubs came and gave me a big hug and kiss. Held me. In that minute, all the chaos was gone. I felt safe. I knew, together we could get through this. Lately, things have been so tough for our family. I just needed my husband.

Kisses around. Audrey was so happy to see her daddy. And a sleeping Lizzie was carried to her bed. By her very own, "Prince Charmin." We walked into the kitchen. Pizza, salad, and dessert waited for us. My hubs tended to Lizzie, before she fell asleep. Then the 5 of us, sat down to an early dinner. He thought of everything!

As the girls and I cleaned up the kitchen, my hubs took Jake outside. They had buckets in hand. It made me curious. As the girls settle into playtime, I went to check on my 2 favorite guys. "Jake we have to take care of girls. Especially our girls. It's the most important thing. We have to love them. Make things better. Safe. Do you understand?" They were having a "father-son talk."

In these little moments, I know that I have the best husband in the world! He's an amazing daddy. I know, our kiddos are going to grow up, and be amazing. Because of the man I love! They show him, how to treat people. And how they should be treated. He teaches Jake how to be an amazing man! And shows our girls, how men should treat them. :)

Last night, long after the kiddos went to bed, my hubs came to bed. Our sick Lizzie, nuzzled into me. Feverish still. "Babe, I love you. I should tell you more often. But I do." "I love you." "I heard this song today. It's perfect. It should be our song." Ya, we'd heard the same song. And thought about each other. I told you, we've had a complicated life together. But I'm telling you, we were meant for each other. 100%!! God gave us each other, for the good and the bad. He's made our relationship stronger. I for one, am so grateful! ~Maggie

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting Real

I read this, and it just hit home for me!! Like a ton of bricks. For those of you, that personally know my hubs and I, you know, it hasn't always been easy. It's been a struggle. At times, I didn't think, we would make it. It's the truth. A tough pill to swallow, but the truth. And this post, says everything that I was feeling, at a very difficult time in my marriage.

We are high school sweethearts. That didn't skip a beat. We married, moved in together, bought a home, had babies. We did all the things, that we had ever dreamt of. Things that people expected us to to. From the outside, we were the perfect couple. With a boy, and a girl. In a home. With a large yard. My hubs working a successful job. Living the perfect life!!

In Fall 2007, our world crumbled. And fast!! It was all those stresses, that no one tells you about, that just kept piling up. We wouldn't talk to anyone about them. We didn't talk to each other. Just walk around with a chip on our shoulder. Going to bed mad. Hubs and I, started to get resentful. Finances were tight. Really tight. My hubs worked long, long hours!!

Life of a SAHM, is tough. No one told me that. Everyone talked about all the good things. Not about the bad days. When kids were sick, tired, teething, had the runs, wrecked the house, cried all day. No one talked about the days, when you pinched for pennies, to buy diapers, and ate macaroni's for the 10th day in a row. Definitely, no one ever told my hubs or I, about the days when we'd have to pick between food for us, and our kids. Or between house payments, and water. Or gas for the car, and medicine.

Those days, were a dark time. A time when my husband and I, just lived under the same roof. I felt like he didn't understand my life. He didn't get why or how, I could stay home all day, and the house was always a wreck when he got home. I resented him for it. He resented me, for working 10 hour days, and coming home to a messy home. And no dinner on the table. He didn't understand why we only had $50 in the bank, when he worked so much.

Deep in our hearts, we loved each other. The same steamy, hot and heavy love, that we had since high school. But all this other stuff, was killing us! Smothering our lives. Killing us very slowly. Making us miserable. Resentful. And even hateful to one another.

Finally, I'd had enough of it. Enough of the pleasantries, in front of our 2 small kids. Enough of the late night fights between us. Enough of this "fake life" that we were living. I didn't want our kids, to think this was normal. Or acceptable. One day, my husband went to work. And my kids and I, got in the car. I didn't exactly have a plan. I just knew, we needed to get out.

I drove, and drove. Then I called my cousin. I had pulled over. Was sitting at a rest stop. While my 2 sweet kids napped. I had no plan. Nowhere to go. No idea of what was next. I was 45 minutes from my home. Yet, I knew I had to keep driving. My sweet cousin, told me that we were welcome at her home.

Before I knew it, I was unloading my 2 small kids. Over 200 miles from our home. With 2 small bags. Not knowing, what our future held. How long we'd be there. Or if we'd ever go home again. Little did I know, we'd spend the next 9 months living there. Making the 3 hour (one way) trip, twice a month. My hubs and I, didn't want our kids to miss either of us.

It took almost 6 weeks, before we told anyone, that I was living with my cousin. Not even our parents knew. I'm afraid, the only reason we told anyone, was because I was pregnant. For the 3rd time. The timing couldn't have been more crazy!! It seems as thought, during my last week at home, we made our sweet little girl.

My hubs and I spent the next 10 months, evaluating what was best for us. And our family. We had 3 kids to think of. We had a long relationship to evaluate. We tried to make this time, as easy as we could, on our kids. We had plans. That we carried out, to the letter. Every 2 weeks, our kids would stay with my husband. For the weekend. Once a month, we'd ask either my parents, or in laws, to watch our kids. For one evening. So my hubs and I, could talk. Try and make some positive decisions.

This was the hardest time of our lives. I felt so alone. Like no one understood. I know, had it not been for my cousin, we wouldn't have made it. There is absolutely, no way, we would have made it!! She was in college, working, battling her battles. But she kept us going. Was the ray of sunshine, that my kids needed. The support system that I needed. And the lifeline, that my hubs needed.

Our separation was never about dating other people. My hubs and I, made that very clear. We just needed time apart. But we stayed completely faithful to one another. We worked at things. Went to counseling. Tried our hardest.

We planned little activities for our kids. Little trips, that would make them feel safe. And happy. We reevaluated everything. Finances, family, life, religion, parenting. We worked through all those things, that no one ever talks about. All the tough stuff.

It was not easy. Elizabeth was born during this time. I was still living over 3 hours, from my husband. My hubs was able to be there. But after Lizzie was born, I stayed with my cousin. I wasn't sure, what the best move for my family was. I now had 3 kids. A newborn. And was living with my cousin. Jake was just months away from, having to be in kindergarten. We needed to make the tough decisions. Because our kids deserved better. Jake needed a stable environment, as he entered school.

Ultimately, my husband and I, choose each other. We choose to work on this thing. To put us first. To talk about things. Not put them under the rug. Not pretending like we were living a magical life, when in reality, we were both at the breaking point.

This for me, was the toughest time in my life. I truly questioned everything in my life. The only thing I didn't question, was my kids. They were the shining stars, that helped me, to move forward.

The summer before Jake started kindergarten, our family, for the first time, lived under the same roof. Things were different. My husband now understood, that some days are tough. He's going to come home, and the house is going to be upside down. The kids might be crying, or sick. Dinner might not be on the table. I might even still be in my pjs. It's just the reality of life with kids.

I also know, I need to talk to my husband. Tell him, when I'm overwhelmed. When life is just getting to be too much. We need to talk about money. About upcoming expenses. About unexpected things that come up. We need to come to each other, when life is too much. We can't keep these things from one another.

But I'm positive, the thing that really changed, was our relationship. Not just our marriage. But the way, that my husband and I see each other. We go to each other. And know, that the other is our rock. They are there, because they want to be. Not because they have to be. We both know this. We don't have to be here. We've tried that already. But we want to be together. Married. Raising our kids. We want to be a family. And walk hand in hand, through life. Be each other's, shoulder to cry on.

Since we separated, and choose to do this thing together, our lives have greatly changed. We take time to do things together. We ask for help. Yes, we ask our parents to watch our kids. Not all the time. But at least, once a month. Just for a few hours. So we can go on a date. Reconnect. Catch up on each other. Things that easily get lost, when you're trying to navigate through life and parenting.

We also use this time, to talk about things that are bothering us. Or big decisions that need to be made. We talk about budgets. Upcoming expenses. Field trips, bills, doctor appointments, cars, etc. are on the table. We don't hide these things from each other. We talk about them.

Since the Summer of 2008, many things have changed. I've also reached out. To my cousin. Who became our rock, during that hard time. We've added to our family. Welcoming Audrey to the mix, in August 2010. We've simplified life. And become more active as a family.

Now, there are baseball games, dance practice, PTO meetings, etc. Church has become a priority. We make weekends, all about family. My husband and I, are more understanding of each other. I realize, that during the week, when he's working long hours, I need to cut him some slack. I need to be supportive. Because he's the one, that is out there, earning the money for our family.

I'm telling you, people never talk about the tough stuff. Never. They never really tell you, how tough it is to parent kids. How you can go months and months, on 2 hours a night, of sleep. How one kid gets sick, and then it slowly makes it's way through the family. Somehow a small bug, lingers in your family for 2 months!

People never talk about how marriages can become strained. How 2 people that are deeply in love, can begin to resent one another. No one ever talks about this! But I wanted to post this. Hoping, that if someone else is in the same place, they know, they are not alone. Because I always felt alone. Felt like a disappointment, and a failure.

Most of all, one day, I will sit all my kids down, and be honest with them. I want them to know, that marriages are work. Good marriages, are a lot of work. Being good parents, is also a lot of work!! I would never change any of this. I've grown so much, as a person, a mother, and a wife.

Life is not easy. But my struggles, have made me closer to God. It's helped to enrich my family. It proved to me, what real fighting, for the people you love, means. I've learned that spending good, quality time, with each of my children is vital. Nothing is more important, than letting them know I love them. That they are special and unique. One on one time, is so important! Because that's the time, when you really get to know your kids. Make the real connections.

I've also learned, just what a good marriage takes to survive. Listening, communication, reaching out, dates, intimacy. All of those things, are so important. We've realized, that our bedroom, needs to be for my husband and I. No straggling children, in the middle of the night. Mommy and Daddy need their time. And their space. Because grumpy parents, make for a very grumpy and non functioning family.

You are not alone, if you are struggling in your marriage. You might love your spouse to pieces, but can't get it together. Sometimes, it just takes stepping back. Looking at the situation from all sides. Think about your partner. Think about your family. Doesn't it make you wonder, how Cinderella and Prince Charming did it? I do!

I know that this could be a shameful topic. But really, there is nothing to be shameful about. Nothing to hide. It's life. And everything in life, has it's ups and downs. Everything!! If you are willing to work at your marriage, anything is possible. Believe me. There were many dark days, when I thought, my marriage was over. But I had to fight. I had to fight, not just for me and my husband. But for our kids. They deserve a happy, and functioning family. I only hope, that they can learn from their parents mistakes. And realize, that after the "I dos," it's not all sunshine and roses. But it's worth all the hard work! ~Maggie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perfect for My Girls!

Very rarely, I find something on the internet, that I must try. I'm not a big DIY-er. I'm just not that skilled. Drills and saws, scare me. So when I find a project that I want to recreate, I generally have to convince my hubs. And he is usually game. As long as it doesn't take months to finish. And we have room, for the finished product.

Having 4 kids, we don't have much extra room in our home. We have a large home. But we also have a lot going on. This clothing rack, is just perfect! At least for my girls. They have so much going on. Play clothes, pretty dress, and tons of dress up clothes. I say, we convince my hubs, to make 3!! ~Maggie

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

We wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!! This is such an amazing day!! The day when Jesus gave of himself, for us. This time of year reminds me, to be a better person. A more caring mother. A better wife. A better person, that God is working through.

We don't have many plans for the day. The most important part of our day, is going to church. Showing our kids, the real meaning of today. Then we are going to have some family over. For a little BBQ, and Egg Hunt. Happy Easter! ~Maggie

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun with My Girls

I like to play with my kiddos. It's not out of the ordinary, to find me on the floor, playing with them. Having a tea party, building a fort, or playing in the mud. I feel like I'm going through my second childhood!! :)

I also like introducing my kiddos to games and toys of "yesteryear." I think a parent can only take so much Disney, Disney princesses, plastic toys, video games, and cartoons. I'm just being honest. I'm not going to apologize for it.

When I was little, my grandma sat on the floor, with me and Lola. Taught us how to play jax, tops, pick up sticks, dominoes, Old Maid, etc. I LOVED it! We also made our own paper dolls. That was one of my fondest memories!!

I found these paper dolls. For free!! And I was so excited. I printed out 4 sets. On Sunday, my hubs and Jake went to help some friends of ours. The girls and I, had baked lots of cookies. For my uncle's funeral, that was earlier this week. And I knew we needed something to do. Something to unwind. That's when I remembered these little ladies!!

I let Bri and Lizzie cut their own. And I cut out 2 sets. One for Audrey. And one for me. :) I printed them out, on some white card stock. And honestly, we played for hours! Until the boys came home!!

And then, for another hour, while they went to pick up dinner. Oops! We totally played right through our cooking time. :) I never realized just how much my girls, would adore paper dolls! Who would have thought?

I'm thinking of investing, a little bit of money. In sheets of magnets. I have the perfect little tins already. And I think, I could print these on magnets. So they'd be a little more durable. Last through lots of playing!!

Anyway that you spin it, we had a fun time! My girls enjoyed them. And haven't stopped talking about their paper dolls. Bri even took her's to "Show and Tell!!" And I'm thinking, this would be a fun theme for Audrey's 2nd birthday!

What are some of your favorite games or activities, to play with your kids? Are they from yesteryear? I'd love to hear about them! Please share! ~Maggie

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"See You Later!"

My uncle always used to say that. He didn't like to say goodbye. Said it was too final. We never said goodbye. It was always, "See you later!"

It's been just over 2 years, since my auntie past away. It happened suddenly. Unexpectedly. I for one, didn't see it coming. For the last 2 years, we've seen my uncle struggle. It's clear, that he missed her. His heart was broken.

It was really heartbreaking. They were married for over 50 years! Almost unheard of, in this time. To say that my uncle missed his love, is an understatement. He'd break your heart. Every time you'd talk to him, he'd remember my auntie. And you could just see, life was not the same for him. Not worth living.

Yesterday, we laid them to rest. Together. My uncle past away, very suddenly on Palm Sunday. We're all still in shock! My cousin, actually found him. He'd just talked to him. And was on his way, to meet my uncle for church. By the time he got to my uncle's home, he was gone.

It's been a sad time for our family. But I know, my uncle is where he belongs. With his beloved. They were laid to rest, together. In the National Cemetery, in our capitol city.

To me, just seems so sudden. So final. Very unexpected. My auntie and uncle are such an inspiration. For so many! Over 50 years of marriage. Loving. They will both be missed dearly! We said our final goodbyes yesterday. To 2 of the most amazing people, that I'll ever know! ~Maggie

Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Color

I was reading some blogs on Friday. And this picture kept showing up. I had to just stop and take it all in. We've got some wooden spoons, that have seen their better days. Oh ya! Not only that, but it's Spring. And don't you feel like, in Spring, you clean and refresh your home? I feel like you do!

Well, I decided our wooden utensils needed some sprucing up. On Friday, I picked up some non-toxic, enamel paint. I also picked up another 4 pack of wooden spoons. Wally World just has some good buys. I think in total, I spent $10.

We had some bad news last week. And we've had a difficult time, scheduling our week. Because we are waiting to hear, about my uncle's final services. We didn't want to plan anything, because we weren't sure if the services were going to be Sunday, or early this week.

Saturday, we decided to stay home. But the weather was so nice! I wanted to do something crafty with the kids. Preferably outside. I convinced Jake and Bri to help out. Beth and Audrey were happy helping daddy. My hubs was busy with yard work. Yes, it turned into a nice and colorful weekend. Complete with painted utensils, and new flowers in our backyard. It turned out to be a very nice weekend! ~Maggie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Retro

Yesterday, I saw this picture. Stopped me in my tracks! It reminds me of retro kitchens. Those dishtowels look so fun! I want to make a whole stack. Something to make our kitchen a happier place. How easy are these to make? I'm thinking super easy! Something that I can whip up in no time!!

It doesn't hurt that I just scored a big stack, of plain white kitchen towels. On clearance. I'd love to mix it up, and add some fun to our daily life! Those spoons also grab my attention!! I want to make those too. :) Now I'll be hunting for a tutorial, or even just a few tips. I'm already excited, about making our kitchen, a happier place to hangout. ~Maggie

Friday, March 23, 2012

She Likes Her Hats

Unlike Lizzie, Audrey LOVES her some hair accessories. Hats, bows, headbands, flowers, barrettes, whatever you can find, at the store! Her Nana (Godmother) does a good job at sending her beautiful, handmade things.

Lately, the weather has been extra wonky! It snowed last week! This week, we're in the 70s. I haven't put our winter coats away. In fact, I make sure, we each have a small jacket in the car. At ALL times!

Audrey has been wanting a new hat. To match the jacket, my mom recently bought her. It was a thrifting find. It's the cutest thing ever! White with bright pink, turquoise, and yellow flowers. I thought, why not try and make one?

I in fact, found this pattern. And thought it was perfect! I'm even loving the color combination! I asked Audrey if she liked it. And I got the biggest smile ever! Yes, I'm working on it right now. :) My sweet girl, should have a hat, by tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Oh, and this flower, I might have to make a million! I want to turn some into hair accessories and headbands, for Audrey. Isn't it the cutest? ~Maggie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring everyone!! This year, I was so excited for Spring. Literally, counting down the days. Our weather here, has been so hit and miss lately. My entire family, has just been waiting for the warm weather, to roll in. And stay put!!

Last week, my kiddos were on Spring Break. Poor things. It snowed!! My hubs and I, had planned a fishing trip. Which we had to cancel. I know. I was even disappointed. But we made the best of our week.

Friday, my hubs went with us, to a local Kids' Museum/Fun Play Center. He had already taken the day off, to go on the fishing trip. In the end, we all had a lot of fun! Jake just adored playing with my hubs. Finally, he had another male to hangout with. I think he was starting to get sick of the girls, all their dolls, and even me....poor boy is totally outnumbered!!

But now that it is "officially" Spring, I'm starting to plan. For our garden. A bit for the back yard. That sort of thing. Heck, I even started pulling out sandals, Spring dresses, and outdoor toys. :) Yes, we're excited in these parts!!

A few weeks ago, we were looking through the weekly ads. You know, the ones that come in the mail. And I saw an ad for this bird feeder. It sounded interesting. But for the world of me, I can't find that darn paper anywhere. I took to google, and found this one....

Oh how I LOVE it! This bird feeder just fits our style better. I'm trying to convince my hubs that we need a few. Actually, last night, I almost begged him to make us some. :) I have faith in my husband. He can build anything. At least in my mind!! I think these birdhouse/bird feeder/planters would look nice, outside our front door. 2 would be perfect!

We have a few other plans for Spring. A little remodel. Some kind of big plans, for our garden. A fun trip. Just a lot of fun family plans. What are your plans for Spring? ~Maggie

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Surprises

Don't you just love little gifts. From out of the blue? Like they've fallen from the sky? Come on, you know you do!! And I do too!!

You see, I just love to get mail!! With all my heart. :) Lizzie, Audrey, and I have a little routine. Every day, just after Sesame Street, we head outside. And wait for the mailman. Yes, we love mail that much!! My parents and in-laws are amazing, and send our kids little cards and trinkets all the time. Just because. :) For me, well, it's a fun thing that my cousin and I do. Especially now, that she lives 1000s of miles away.

We wait for the mail. And gleefully go through it. It's been such a long time, since our mail, actually has been put in our mailbox. My cousin not only send me letters, and little treats, she sends things to my kiddos too!

But today was extra special!! I found a package on our doorstep. Can you tell, I wasn't expecting it? Because I had taken Lizzie and Audrey to the library. When we got home, the last thing I expected, was a package. A package from ModCloth. With this beauty!!

Yes, my cousin knows me well! What a beautiful gift to receive!! Just in time, for Spring. Thank you Lola!! You truly are the best cousin, anyone could ask for! I just can't wait, to go on a date with my hubs. I have something extra cute to wear. :) ~Maggie

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Mom :)

My Mom is pretty amazing! She's got to be, the coolest Mom ever! And the Best Grandma!! My Mom did a great job, of getting me hooked on shopping. And my love of all things vintage. :) I've been thrifting, since I was a wee one!

My Mom also knows, that I love to wear dresses! I was most definitely a "dress girl" when I was young. For a few years there, I fell out of love with dresses. That's when they became "special occasion" only items. I was in middle school, or high school. Thank goodness, I fell back in love!! And my Mom noticed. :)

Every once in a while, my Mom surprises me with a new dress. Usually some gem, that she's found while thrifting. She's even begun this, with my girls. Recently, she picked up the cutest dresses, on a thrifting trip. Today, she surprised me with this beauty!

I hadn't even seen this dress yet. I don't know where I've been! But I've gotten my Mom hooked on ModCloth too! And from what my Dad tells me, my Mom is now spending a lot of time on ModCloth's website. :)

Don't you just love this dress? It's the perfect color of green. And that daisy detail, is just lovely! I can't wait to wear my new dress. The best part is, my Mom wrapped it so beautifully. Wrote me the most heartfelt note. And left it on our doorstop. She must have come over, really early in the morning. It was the best way to start my day! Thank you Mom! I love you too! ~Maggie

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh Dove!!

Dove you're killing me!! Every Easter, I look forward to your delicious truffle eggs. Every year!! I'm the lady that's buying 10 packs. Hoarding them away. Traveling across town. Just for these delicious little chocolate eggs. I can't find my favorite Easter candy anywhere!! And I've searched. The entire Easter sections at stores, just depress me. Where are my eggs? Dove can you help a girl out? ~Maggie

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Bow You One!!

I am, and always will be, a big fan of high heels! But we need to be realistic around these parts. I chase after 4 kiddos, every day!! High heels, just aren't going to do it. Not when we're running through puddles, collecting bugs, or crawling on the grass.

I had a few more gift cards to spend. And I'm trying to get ready for warmer weather. It's that weird part of the year. We're between seasons. Some days, we're bundled up in sweaters, and winter coats. The next, we're running around in shorts and sandals.

Well, I went poking around ModCloth again. And I found these beauties! I just adore these colorful bows. A little bit of fun. That I just bought. :)

My hubs thinks I'm nuts. I get up early, to make him breakfast. And get our kids up, ready, and fed, before school. But here I am, buying shoes. Yawning. And wishing I could go back to bed. At least for another 20 minutes! ~Maggie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! In our house, we call it "Love Day!!" Jake, Bri, and I spent lots of time getting their Valentine's in order. I'd never seen 2 more excited kiddos, than this morning. They had their special treats in 1 hand, as they got on the bus. Handing the bus driver, a special little treat!! They really do, have an amazing bus driver. :)

It was a traditional love day in our home. Breakfast in mommy and daddy's bed. Little treats for our 4 sweets!! I'm so glad they enjoyed their little gifts. Daddy bought everyone a little something. And Mommy made everyone a little something.

Tonight, it's a fun night with our kiddos. An inside picnic. With all our kiddos' favorite food. Yup, pizza is on the menu!! So are cupcakes. Or as Jake and Bri remember, "Cuppy Cakes." See Lola, you made some very special memories with my kiddos!!

My hubs and I, are waiting until this weekend to celebrate. We're going out on a little date night, Friday night!! :) Yes, Mommy and Daddy have been looking forward to this. Love is definitely in the air. At least in our home. And we hope, that all of you, have a very Happy Valentine's Day!! ~Maggie

Friday, February 3, 2012

I Heart Heels

I have a problem. I enjoy ModCloth a little too much! Just ask my hubs. :) Literally, 3 or 4 times a week, I go to their website, and drool over their clothes, shoes, and accessories. It usually happens late at night. After the kiddos go to bed. When my hubs and I, are getting ready or a sweet snack. And some TV time. Here are 3 pairs of shoes, that I'm eyeing right now!

These Cinnamon Scones Heels, are perfection! A great neutral shoe. That could be paired with so many great outfits! Oh the possibilities!!

How about the Petunia Heel? This would be a fun and dressy shoe, to add to my closet! I love the shape of the heel!! The cutouts are wonderful. :)

My favorite pair has to be these Raise Your High-Gloss Heels! Oh my goodness!! I'd honestly LOVE to wear these. I might just have to pull out my last few gift cards, from Christmas. :) I could picture these with a nice, ladylike black dress. A fun white dress in the Summer. A pencil skirt would be lovely too! Yes, I have to buy these shoes! ~Maggie

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Still Christmas Around Here!!

I don't know about you, but around here, it's still Christmas!! Our decorations are still up. :) I'm going with the thought process, is the church still has Christmas decorations up, so do we. Doesn't that sound logical? Well, it's just a nice way, to keep such fun and happy decorations up!!

I also have a few gift cards, to spend. Some of my friends and family, know all about my love of ModCloth. And gifted me, some gift cards. I've had trouble, trying to figure out what to buy! I have so many favorites! But tonight, I bit the bullet. And ordered this gorgeous number!

What do you think? I honestly, couldn't decide. For days, I've sat at the computer, trying to make a choice. I feel like my kiddos, when they're standing in the toy aisle! :) But I thought this dress, would work right now, and well into Spring. Perfect for Fall too! It's a nice dress, that can be worn, for a large part of the year! Oh, I can't wait for it to get here. Let's not even begin, to talk about the gift cards, that I still need to spend. :) ~Maggie