Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now That We're Home....

Now that we're home, I've never been so glad, that we built garden boxes last summer! We came home, to a nice garden. :) Full of gorgeous plants, and a few veggies, that were ready to eat.

Of course, we have my parents to thank too! They came by and watered for us. 3 times a week. The entire time we were gone. But I'm 100%, that our garden boxes, just made it so much easier for them.

Not to mention, there is a lot less weeding, that has to be done with garden boxes. Watering is usually, fast and easy too! The picture above, was our inspiration. And in 1 Saturday morning, my hubs and I, were able to build 4 of these. Definitely a gardeners best friend! ~Maggie

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty Necklaces

I've been dreaming of new jewelry. Something fun. And of course, easy to wear!! When you become a Mommy, you suddenly realize, life has to become more simple. No more complicated shoes, or jewelry. And it should be "baby friendly!" There were more times than not, when my kiddos would use my necklaces as teething tools.

Isn't this a fun necklace? I just LOVE how interesting it is. Without being too overwhelming. Or boring.

And I just adore the birds on this necklace!! How fun is this?? Oh my goodness! I really wish I could find this necklace. Both of these necklaces, were found on a recent Google search. With broken links. :(

Has anyone seen necklaces like this? I would adore wearing one. Something fun and stylish. I want one. I would like to buying one. Or two! ~Maggie

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cutest Bows Ever!!

Not too long ago, I seen this picture. In the middle of a Pinterest search. For the world of me, I can't find the link to it. Or the website, that this picture came from....

But I just adore these bows. I've made a few trips to the store. Picked out some felt that I like. And now, I just need to bite the bullet. And make a few of these. I know that my girls would LOVE to wear something this cute! ~Maggie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tooth Fairy Time

Brianna is at that age. You know, when the teeth start their business. They get a little loose. Wiggling about. Telling you, they're ready to come out. Making room for the big guys. Jake thought this was the coolest thing!! He was so excited when his first tooth, got loose. He and my hubs, have found fun and new ways, to get those little guys out. Every loose tooth, has lead to a new fun trick, to help out. :)

Brianna, not so much!! I knew it was coming. I'm actually surprised, that we've gotten this far, without any loose teeth. But it's happened!! And my dear daughter, won't eat. She wants things like soups, apple sauce, anything soft. She eats on one side of her mouth. And takes 10 minutes to very carefully, brush her teeth.

I think she's scared. Scared that she will loose all her teeth. And never get anymore!! I've talked to her. My hubs has talked to her. So has her big brother, Jake. Nothing is working!! My kids have a dentist appointment tomorrow. And I'm a little nervous for my Bri!!

I started a little treat for her. A little Tooth Fairy. And I'm hoping, that tomorrow, the dentist might be able to convince Bri, that her tooth has to come out. That's were this sweet little one comes in. I'm hopefully, it will provide some comfort. 'Cause really, who doesn't want a trip from the Tooth Fairy?

It's not a tough pattern. If I had planned ahead, she would be done!! Instead, I'm quickly trying to finish her. If not, we might have a disaster on our hands. Heck, we still might!! Please keep Bri, and our dentist in your prayers. We're all going to need it! ~Maggie