Friday, April 20, 2012

Perfect Spring Dress

Audrey is all girl!! She reminds me so much of Lola. Her Godmother. :) Audrey loves shoes. She smiles so big, when you put her in a dress!! And since she was teeny tiny, my sweet baby girl, has liked bows and headbands. Yes, my daughter, is all girl!

And let's be honest here. She's our 3rd daughter. And mostly wears hand-me-downs. There's nothing wrong with that. But I want for Audrey to get some new clothes too! I thought about sewing her something. My mom recently brought me a whole stack of fat quarters. And Audrey is still small. A couple of fat quarters could make her, some cute dresses. :)

But recently, I took to looking for some crochet patterns. It's funny how quickly, I'm becoming a crochet addict!! But I found this pattern, and just loved it!! So I printed it out. Knowing that I'd buy some yarn, when I got my next JoAnn's coupon.

Well, Audrey happened to see it. And just loves it!! Audrey has walked around with this pattern picture, for days!! Telling everyone, that's her dress. :) Yes, I'm positive, that she already loves it!!

My dad just about died from the cuteness! Audrey just loves the idea, that she is going to get this dress. To a HUGE surprise to all of us, he showed up yesterday. With 2 giant skeins. While my sweet girls are napping, I've managed to get most of the headband done. :) And you know exactly, what I'll be doing, for the next week or 2. Quickly trying to crochet this dress. For my sweetest baby girl!! It just makes me laugh, that she things I can make anything. ~Maggie