Monday, July 2, 2012

Tiger Lilies

My Auntie has the most gorgeous garden! My Auntie and Uncle's entire backyard, is AMAZING!! Since I was a little girl, I've LOVED to go visit them. And the one memory that never fades, has always been their pretty flowers. :)

Last year, my Auntie was thinning out her flowers. Oh boy! Her lirios and lilies grow and grow. Into HUGE clumps. Every year, she thins them out. Plants them in other areas. And gives some away.

I just happened to go, a week too late!! But my Auntie promised me, that she'd save a bunch for me. This Spring!! In March, she called me. And told me, that I just needed to take her some containers. When the girls and I got there, oh my!

The girls and I helped her dig them out. And we left, with over 30 plants!! I just couldn't believe it. And I was so happy, when we got home. And planted them. Right away!! My Auntie told me, they probably wouldn't bloom until next year. Because they usually bloom in May. And would need some time to get established.

But guess what? They just bloomed! Not all of our flowers. I'm just so excited for next Spring! This is going to be so fun. :) I'm not sure what it is, about these little orange flowers, but they make me smile!!

Part of it, is I remember fun memories, from my childhood. Part of it, is all the good memories I share with my cousin, Auntie, and Uncle! I'm just so happy, that our backyard, is going to be full of these pretty flowers. Very soon! It just makes me so happy!! ~Maggie