Monday, February 27, 2012

I Bow You One!!

I am, and always will be, a big fan of high heels! But we need to be realistic around these parts. I chase after 4 kiddos, every day!! High heels, just aren't going to do it. Not when we're running through puddles, collecting bugs, or crawling on the grass.

I had a few more gift cards to spend. And I'm trying to get ready for warmer weather. It's that weird part of the year. We're between seasons. Some days, we're bundled up in sweaters, and winter coats. The next, we're running around in shorts and sandals.

Well, I went poking around ModCloth again. And I found these beauties! I just adore these colorful bows. A little bit of fun. That I just bought. :)

My hubs thinks I'm nuts. I get up early, to make him breakfast. And get our kids up, ready, and fed, before school. But here I am, buying shoes. Yawning. And wishing I could go back to bed. At least for another 20 minutes! ~Maggie