Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun with My Girls

I like to play with my kiddos. It's not out of the ordinary, to find me on the floor, playing with them. Having a tea party, building a fort, or playing in the mud. I feel like I'm going through my second childhood!! :)

I also like introducing my kiddos to games and toys of "yesteryear." I think a parent can only take so much Disney, Disney princesses, plastic toys, video games, and cartoons. I'm just being honest. I'm not going to apologize for it.

When I was little, my grandma sat on the floor, with me and Lola. Taught us how to play jax, tops, pick up sticks, dominoes, Old Maid, etc. I LOVED it! We also made our own paper dolls. That was one of my fondest memories!!

I found these paper dolls. For free!! And I was so excited. I printed out 4 sets. On Sunday, my hubs and Jake went to help some friends of ours. The girls and I, had baked lots of cookies. For my uncle's funeral, that was earlier this week. And I knew we needed something to do. Something to unwind. That's when I remembered these little ladies!!

I let Bri and Lizzie cut their own. And I cut out 2 sets. One for Audrey. And one for me. :) I printed them out, on some white card stock. And honestly, we played for hours! Until the boys came home!!

And then, for another hour, while they went to pick up dinner. Oops! We totally played right through our cooking time. :) I never realized just how much my girls, would adore paper dolls! Who would have thought?

I'm thinking of investing, a little bit of money. In sheets of magnets. I have the perfect little tins already. And I think, I could print these on magnets. So they'd be a little more durable. Last through lots of playing!!

Anyway that you spin it, we had a fun time! My girls enjoyed them. And haven't stopped talking about their paper dolls. Bri even took her's to "Show and Tell!!" And I'm thinking, this would be a fun theme for Audrey's 2nd birthday!

What are some of your favorite games or activities, to play with your kids? Are they from yesteryear? I'd love to hear about them! Please share! ~Maggie