Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Surprises

Don't you just love little gifts. From out of the blue? Like they've fallen from the sky? Come on, you know you do!! And I do too!!

You see, I just love to get mail!! With all my heart. :) Lizzie, Audrey, and I have a little routine. Every day, just after Sesame Street, we head outside. And wait for the mailman. Yes, we love mail that much!! My parents and in-laws are amazing, and send our kids little cards and trinkets all the time. Just because. :) For me, well, it's a fun thing that my cousin and I do. Especially now, that she lives 1000s of miles away.

We wait for the mail. And gleefully go through it. It's been such a long time, since our mail, actually has been put in our mailbox. My cousin not only send me letters, and little treats, she sends things to my kiddos too!

But today was extra special!! I found a package on our doorstep. Can you tell, I wasn't expecting it? Because I had taken Lizzie and Audrey to the library. When we got home, the last thing I expected, was a package. A package from ModCloth. With this beauty!!

Yes, my cousin knows me well! What a beautiful gift to receive!! Just in time, for Spring. Thank you Lola!! You truly are the best cousin, anyone could ask for! I just can't wait, to go on a date with my hubs. I have something extra cute to wear. :) ~Maggie