Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Crafty in the Backyard

Now that Spring is officially here, I've been looking for some projects to work on. With my kiddos. I came across this project. And I just knew, it was perfect for us! Bird feeders for our backyard!

On Friday, I called my Mom. I just knew she'd have the bottles. She had 8 of them. :) And I happened to notice, that Hobby Lobby was having a good sale. This week. On the rest of the pieces! The wooden bits. And I had a bunch of lids. Years ago, I bought a vintage suitcase. When we got home, I noticed it was loaded with old canning lids. I didn't know what to do with them. So they sat in our garage all this time! And we have tons of spray paint. Any color you'd need! I knew this project was meant to be!

This weekend we each made our own bird feeders. We have a lot of birds around here. 6 feeders just seemed appropriate! :) We helped Audrey with hers. And the rest of us, worked on our own. It was really an easy craft! And in less than an hour, we were done! Then my hubs painted them all! Everyone picking out their favorite colors. :)

Jake was so excited! He and my hubs went to buy birdseed. And they came back with a few different kinds. We filled up our bird feeders. And spent the rest of the weekend, watching all the cute birds. It's nice to have some useful projects in our yard. You should trying making one of these too! ~Maggie