Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! In our house, we call it "Love Day!!" Jake, Bri, and I spent lots of time getting their Valentine's in order. I'd never seen 2 more excited kiddos, than this morning. They had their special treats in 1 hand, as they got on the bus. Handing the bus driver, a special little treat!! They really do, have an amazing bus driver. :)

It was a traditional love day in our home. Breakfast in mommy and daddy's bed. Little treats for our 4 sweets!! I'm so glad they enjoyed their little gifts. Daddy bought everyone a little something. And Mommy made everyone a little something.

Tonight, it's a fun night with our kiddos. An inside picnic. With all our kiddos' favorite food. Yup, pizza is on the menu!! So are cupcakes. Or as Jake and Bri remember, "Cuppy Cakes." See Lola, you made some very special memories with my kiddos!!

My hubs and I, are waiting until this weekend to celebrate. We're going out on a little date night, Friday night!! :) Yes, Mommy and Daddy have been looking forward to this. Love is definitely in the air. At least in our home. And we hope, that all of you, have a very Happy Valentine's Day!! ~Maggie