Monday, May 7, 2012

They're So Excited!!

My hubs and I, have been saving our pennies. For years! Since before we got married. For a few years, those pennies, and well the rest of our pocket change, went into these large jars. They sat at the bottom of our closet. Then, when I was pregnant of Jake, we opened a bank account. Just for our change.

Little by little, this account has grown. We always knew, that we wanted to take our kids to Disney World!! ALWAYS!! When I was pregnant with Audrey, 2 thoughts crept into my head. 1. We're NEVER going to have enough money!! We're about to be a family of 6. How are we going to afford Disney World now? 2. If we managed to get enough money together, when would be the best time to go? Being that Jake and Audrey, are 6 years apart.

Well, my hubs and I, finally decided. This was going to be the year!! Nearly 2, should be a fun age to experience Disney World. And nearly 8, the magic should still be there. Last Summer, we started hunting for good deals. Around Christmas, we managed to book an incredible deal! One that made me feel a lot better, about the money we'd saved.

We let our parents know about our plans. And they gave our kiddos some "secret money" at Christmas. Actually, they gave it to us, in envelopes with their names on them. And my sister, and SIL both recently gave us some money for the kids. We've convinced our kiddos, to save most of their "birthday money" too!

Slowly, we've been buying some things we think we'll need. In the Fall, I stocked up on lots of clearance Summer clothes and shoes. With the help of my cousin, and Auntie, we've added touches of Disney to them. Making a plain t-shirt, something fun. With a little Disney fabric, some ribbon, whatever we thought would work.

And this weekend, we finally broke the news to our kiddos!! They were in shock at first. Didn't believe a word, that my hubs and I were saying. Then, they were over the moon!! Jumping around. So excited!!

My hubs had this great idea. To get them each a little notebook. And some Disney stickers. We spent Sunday, decorating their books. And writing down, what they wanted to do, while we're at Disney World. We showed them lots of brochures, got online, talked about all the things that are out there. Then we took to writing down our "must haves."

I wasn't surprised when Jake wanted to ride the cars. Or Bri wanted to visit Epcot. I thought it was super sweet, that Lizzie wants to go eat breakfast with the characters. And I was definitely not shocked, when Audrey said she had to ride the tea cups. And Dumbo!! :)

It's a good thing, that when we booked our trip, we booked all sorts of fun meals. Reservations at lots of these places, are tough to make. And have to be done, months and months in advance!!

Shay's blog, was also another good resource. Recently Shay and her family went to Disney World. Reading her blog, helped me to get a better picture, of what we are going to be doing. It's also helped me to plan some of my own, "must haves." I can't wait, to have fun with my family, in Disney World!! June can't come fast enough. ~Maggie