Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas for Mommy!!

My hubs completely surprised me! He knows that he can't go wrong, with a gift from ModCloth. My hubs also knows, that my whole "I'm going to sew my Christmas dress" idea, is just not happening! I ran out of time. And my pretty green dress, is still laying in pieces, on my desk.

Today our kiddos spent a few hours with my parents. So we could wrap their presents. :) And help Santa a bit, with some assembly. While our kiddos were with my parents today, my hubs told me, I needed to open one of my Christmas presents. Guess what I got?!? A new dress!

Yes, I now have a Christmas dress. It was one of my favorites. Something that I had hoped to buy in the Spring. It's definitely a "warmer weather" dress. But I'm thinking, some tights, and my favorite shoes, will make this the perfect Christmas outfit! I have to have, the sweetest husband in the world! ~Maggie

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Aunt and Empanaditas

Recently, my cousin and I, have been remembering our aunt. She past away, just over 8 years ago. My cousin, was definitely closer to her, than I was. She just spent more time with our aunt. But so many of us, were close to our aunt.

At this time of year, I especially remember, and miss my aunt. She was the best cook ever! Making us tons and tons of food. Yummy food! You never went to her house, and didn't eat. That was just not going to happen.

Unfortunately, many of us, never cooked with her. Lots of the recipes, were just lost. She suffered from a debilitating stroke. Then they found cancer. And she past away, just 5 months after her initial illness. From the day of her stroke, until her death, she couldn't speak. Or do much for herself.

I always regret, not learning more from my aunt. I tell you, she was amazing! A self taught, amazing seamstress. A cook, that no one comes close to. Just an amazing woman!! At this time of year, I especially miss her empanaditas. No one that I know, knows how to make them. Lola and I, have been remembering all the ingredients. I know that she plays with various recipes. Trying to nail the one, from our childhood.

Recently, I took to chatting up a neighbor of ours. And she shared her family's recipe. Not the same savory ones, that I grew up eating. But a delicious recipe nonetheless!! With apricots, nuts and various other goodies. YUM!!

While Jake and my hubs were out shopping this weekend, the girls and I took to baking. :) And let me tell you, we baked!! Some mighty delicious fried desserts. I wanted my girls to enjoy this. And to start a new family tradition. It was a great afternoon!!

Like all little girls, my daughters enjoy playing "make believe" with their kitchen set. Since I've started on this crafty adventure, I've tried to "grow" their supply of play food. And I wanted to find something to make my girls, to remember this day. That when I found this adorable pattern!!

I'm nearly done with 6 of these cuties!! 2 for each of my daughters. I'm positive that they're going to love them! And I know, every time I see them, I'm going to remember our special day in the kitchen. Yes, it took longer than I had planned. But it was so much fun, creating new memories with my daughters. And remembering my aunt. ~Maggie