Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma in Red

My hubs and kids, spoiled me this year!! I must have been a good girl. ;) My Mother's Day was so fun!! And relaxing. Filled with lots of love, fun presents, and the people I love. :) First up, are my presents. Because I really didn't expect them!!

Don't you just LOVE this dress? I do!! I like that it's a dress that I can wear casually. Or I can dress her up!! The style of the dress is so fun. So is the name of the dress....Red-y for Inspiration. Late last night, my hubs told me, it sorta reminds him of when I wear his shirts to bed. :)

Oh, and not to be outdone, is this lovely dress!! I just adore the style of the dress. The print is just AMAZING!! Oh, the Red-y for Tea Dress, is my favorite new dress!!

Can you see why I feel so blessed? And spoiled!! On top of all of this, my hubs gave me some beautiful flowers. My kiddos made me the most adorable cards, and a cake. :) My hubs cooked up a yummy breakfast in bed. At church, they showered us Mommas with prayers, little gifts, and tons of love!!

We also had a BBQ at our house. With all our favorite dishes. Cooked by my hubs, my Daddy, and my Daddy-in-Law. :) It was just such a fun day!! And it makes me feel like, I'm doing a good job with my own kiddos. Sometimes, it's just nice to know, that we're not ruining our kids. That we are actually doing a good job in raising them!! ~Maggie