Thursday, May 17, 2012


I guess I should start off with, my hubs and I bought a house. When we were very young! We've dated since we were teens!! Yes, we're one of "those couples." But we were so excited and proud, when we bought our first home. I was actually still a teen...I was 19!! And weeks away from getting married. We had thought about just buying a "first home." But decided to look for a "forever home" instead. That was the best decision, we could have ever made!

My hubs and I, had looked at so many different houses. But we kept getting pulled to one side of town. Our realtor wasn't happy with us. She wanted us to buy a brand new home. On the other side of town. One that was overpriced, in our opinion, for what it was. No yard. Yes, they were gorgeous houses. But it didn't feel like home, to us.

Instead, we bought an older house. On the side of town, that we liked most! :) That sits on an acre of land. It's a HUGE house. I remember thinking, what are we going to do with all this room?? Now I laugh at that! We're a family of 6 now. And it feels like, this house was built just for us!

Over the last, almost 12 years, we've done a lot to our home! A LOT!! In fact, just a few years ago, my hubs surprised us, with a swimming pool. :) How cool is that? These are the things, that an old house can provide for you. And a BIG yard!! The opportunity to grow. To customize our home.

But let it be known, an older house is also tough. There is ALWAYS at "to-do list." ALWAYS!! Weird things are always happening. And we usually have to contact 10 people, before we can make a plan. It takes a ton of money. Which is tight, for us. A family of 6, living on 1 income. Oh ya!!

We are lucky though. My hubs enjoys DIY projects. Honestly, he is so proud of himself, when he can do the job himself. And do it good! We also have lots of help. My parents, my in-laws, friends, some other family.

We've wanted to update our kitchen for years!! Nothing too crazy. Because we really do like the "bones" of the kitchen. I LOVE our old cabinets! They're HUGE!! Definitely not something I want to get rid of. But they are dark. And a little dated. We want to make some updates.

My hubs has his plans all mapped out. We actually took a 4 hour drive, not too long ago, to score a GREAT deal on tile!! We got it, for 70% off!! We just couldn't pass up that deal. Did I mention we also got our counter tops? Expensive ones....on a great deal!! We were lucky enough, to have some good friends, who went with us. They brought back the counter tops, and we brought the tile.

When we first moved into our home, we updated the appliances. I remember thinking, we are crazy!! Those other appliances aren't so bad. Why did we just spend all that money?? In the long run, I'm glad we did. That and a fresh coat of paint, were all the updates, that we made at the time. But now, it's time to update the rest!!

We have everything that we need. All our supplies. Paint and everything!! We're putting in wood floors. The tile is for the back splash. We also bought tile for the last bathroom, that we have left, to remodel. In less than 12 years, we've remodeled 3 bathrooms already!

But this is where we're having an issue. I'm almost 100% positive, that my hubs would rather buy some cabinets. New ones. Ready to roll. Me? I want to keep our old ones. But give them a "face lift." That means, lots and lots of research!!

I've talked to my cousin. Who in fact, redid her own cabinets. Because in her words, she's a "poor college student, that can't afford luxuries." At the time that she painted her cabinets, I think she had owned her home, for all of 2 years. And was eating Ramen every night! Ya, this was a necessity. Girl couldn't afford food, much less new cabinets!!

Let me tell you, we've spent a good 8 hours, talking about the process. She's shared all the tips. And tricks!! Then I found this little article. And I'm feeling pretty positive about this process. I bought all the supplies. Including new hardware! For about $100. A lot cheaper, than new cabinets!

I've even convinced my parents, to watch all 4 kiddos for a weekend!! I'm praying. I know my kiddos will be good. But I'm almost positive, this will be the 1st time, they take all 4 kids, at once! For an entire weekend!!

I've even let my hubs know, I'll do the cabinets. All by myself. :) This really did give me a lot of confidence! I'm going to do it all! Sanding and painting. I'm even going to try and install the new hardware. But my hubs has got to do the rest! Because let's be honest, what do I know about tiling and laying floors? If you have any tips or tricks, please let me know! And maybe even, say a few prayers for me. :) ~Maggie