Friday, March 23, 2012

She Likes Her Hats

Unlike Lizzie, Audrey LOVES her some hair accessories. Hats, bows, headbands, flowers, barrettes, whatever you can find, at the store! Her Nana (Godmother) does a good job at sending her beautiful, handmade things.

Lately, the weather has been extra wonky! It snowed last week! This week, we're in the 70s. I haven't put our winter coats away. In fact, I make sure, we each have a small jacket in the car. At ALL times!

Audrey has been wanting a new hat. To match the jacket, my mom recently bought her. It was a thrifting find. It's the cutest thing ever! White with bright pink, turquoise, and yellow flowers. I thought, why not try and make one?

I in fact, found this pattern. And thought it was perfect! I'm even loving the color combination! I asked Audrey if she liked it. And I got the biggest smile ever! Yes, I'm working on it right now. :) My sweet girl, should have a hat, by tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Oh, and this flower, I might have to make a million! I want to turn some into hair accessories and headbands, for Audrey. Isn't it the cutest? ~Maggie