Monday, May 21, 2012

Girly Skirt

Lizzie and I were doing some Pinterest searching the other day. And we happened to see this adorable skirt. "Momma can you make me one? Putty peas?" The girl thinks, her momma can make anything.

I followed the pin here. And was pleased, that there was an incredible tutorial!! Score. In my head, I thought, "Well maybe, I can do this."

I haven't gotten too far on this project. But hope, by the end of the month, to have 3 done!! I know, I might have chewed off too much. But it's for my girls. :)

We've made it to the fabric store. I let my girls each pick out a color. And I've gotten 2 of the 3 cut out. Cross your fingers everyone. My girls now run to the sewing machine, every time that they hear it. I just hope, this project goes as well in real life, as it's going in my mind. ~Maggie