Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rick Rack Fun!

Many of our friends and family, are welcoming new babies. It's such a wonderful time. And I want to continue, making them each a gift. I think it's so nice, to make something for a new baby. To go with a cute store bought item.

Recently, I came across this pattern. For the Rickrack Rainbow Blanket. I just think it's adorable! And honestly, a precious blanket, for my baby girl. :)

Out of all of our kiddos, Audrey is the most like me. Appreciates things from yesteryear. When I tell her we're going thrifting, my little girl jumps up and down!! Yes, she loves it that much. :)

I'm thinking of making her, her very own "Wic Wac Bankie." Audrey has walked around for days, saying that. I'm thinking, we need to go shopping, together, for the perfect yarn! ~Maggie