Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Color

I was reading some blogs on Friday. And this picture kept showing up. I had to just stop and take it all in. We've got some wooden spoons, that have seen their better days. Oh ya! Not only that, but it's Spring. And don't you feel like, in Spring, you clean and refresh your home? I feel like you do!

Well, I decided our wooden utensils needed some sprucing up. On Friday, I picked up some non-toxic, enamel paint. I also picked up another 4 pack of wooden spoons. Wally World just has some good buys. I think in total, I spent $10.

We had some bad news last week. And we've had a difficult time, scheduling our week. Because we are waiting to hear, about my uncle's final services. We didn't want to plan anything, because we weren't sure if the services were going to be Sunday, or early this week.

Saturday, we decided to stay home. But the weather was so nice! I wanted to do something crafty with the kids. Preferably outside. I convinced Jake and Bri to help out. Beth and Audrey were happy helping daddy. My hubs was busy with yard work. Yes, it turned into a nice and colorful weekend. Complete with painted utensils, and new flowers in our backyard. It turned out to be a very nice weekend! ~Maggie