Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas for Mommy!!

My hubs completely surprised me! He knows that he can't go wrong, with a gift from ModCloth. My hubs also knows, that my whole "I'm going to sew my Christmas dress" idea, is just not happening! I ran out of time. And my pretty green dress, is still laying in pieces, on my desk.

Today our kiddos spent a few hours with my parents. So we could wrap their presents. :) And help Santa a bit, with some assembly. While our kiddos were with my parents today, my hubs told me, I needed to open one of my Christmas presents. Guess what I got?!? A new dress!

Yes, I now have a Christmas dress. It was one of my favorites. Something that I had hoped to buy in the Spring. It's definitely a "warmer weather" dress. But I'm thinking, some tights, and my favorite shoes, will make this the perfect Christmas outfit! I have to have, the sweetest husband in the world! ~Maggie