Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clouds for Audrey

My grandma used to crochet. I still remember going to her house, and playing with the blankets she made. They were so colorful! My grandma past away almost 14 years ago. My auntie and my cousin, both crochet. And very recently, I inherited some special doilies. That my grandma made decades ago!

I've always enjoyed crochet items. They remind me of my grandma. I regret, that I never got a blanket from her. She made the most amazing granny square blankets. Ask Lola. She's got a few. :)

I was lucky enough, to get some crochet lessons. In late December, I learned from my auntie and my cousin. And I haven't looked back! I'm having so much fun. That's why, when I saw this little tutorial, I squealed in delight!

Remember those doilies I was telling you about. I'm going to use them, to make Audrey some little clouds of her own. My baby girl, is not quite 7 months old. And she just loves watching everything. I think these would be perfect, to hang in the playroom. That way, Audrey has something fun to look at, while her brother and sisters are lost in play! Time to get sewing!~Maggie