Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby's Nursery

I finally made a decision on the baby's nursery. :) I don't know what was taking me so long. I'm going to chalk this up to pregnancy brain....

I don't remember what this set is called. But I got it on Amazon. And it wasn't too expensive. I just really enjoy the fun and bright colors. So unexpected!

I like that it's not all pink. But it's still girly. The bright colors are what sold me. And all the fun flowers. :)

We have white furniture. And we painted the walls a light aqua color. Or I should say hubs did that. And we're using the glider from Jake's old nursery. My parents have been storing it at their house, for us. I think they were a bit sad, when we went to pick it up. The glider has an orange cushion on it. But the actual glider is white. I think we're pretty much done with the nursery. Hubs and I worked on it last night. For some reason, our kiddos fell asleep really early. But this worked in our favor. We got a lot of work done!

So we have a nursery. And most of the things we'll need. We've only bought 2 outfits. Because we're using everything from our older girls. Saves so much money! Especially when you think about how quickly babies grow their first year. And we're pretty well stocked on diapers.

The only thing left to do...pick a name. And have us a baby! I can't wait. The closer we're getting to my due date, the more excited I'm getting. I think because the last time, hubs and I missed out, on all of this stuff. And we know, this is our last. So we're really enjoying every second that we can. ~Maggie