Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Through the Hard Times

Our family has not always had the best of times. To be honest here, my husband and I separated, shortly after I got pregnant with our baby girl. I just think the stresses of life, got to both of us. Essentially, I took our 2 older kids and moved in with my prima. Since then, my husband and I have worked hard to get things back together. But I remained 3 hours away. Making sure that our kids spent the weekends with my husband. We still spent holidays together. From time to time, a weekend or special day. But that was about it, until now. Late in the summer, we decided it was time for the kids and I to move back.

Mostly because Jake was getting ready to start pre-K. Together, we figured he needed a more stable situation. As small kids, it was OK to make the trip back and forth. Not completely convenient. But OK. But now that our son is going to school, he deserved to be in the same loving place. To know a more stable and loving lifestyle.

During our time apart, my husband and I never dated anyone else, or were disloyal to one another. Although we were separated, we still valued our wedding vows. From time to time, we would have a date night. Or a weekend away. But it was just a little too difficult to live together. We still loved each other and got along, but it was just a little stressful.

We are now back together. The kids seem really happy. And my husband and I are getting along so much better!! We have made it a point, to make time for ourselves. Outside of the kids. Church is also becoming a lot more central, to our lives. When the kids and I moved away, we started going to mass with my prima. We would go 2 times during the week, and every Sunday. That alone, is helping with our family.

I am grateful, that the love my husband and I have for one another, has helped us to get past all of the hard times. I am sure that there will be hard times ahead. Hopefully, far in the future. But we know, as a family, we can make it. We have already proved that we can make it. ~Maggie