Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Fishing Time!

I've been crocheting for a short amount of time now. But I do realize this much, there are not a whole lot of "boy patterns" out there. It's so unfortunate!! But I want to make Jake something. He's such a sweet soul. Always putting his sisters ahead of himself. My boy, just deserves a little something. Just because he is so giving.

I took to hunting. Then I got a little frustrated. Maybe if I had started crocheting a few years ago, I could have gotten away with making him some of the amigurumi toys. But he just seems a little too old for that. I kept digging. Then I called my cousin Lola. Who is the most amazing crocheter that I know! She pointed me towards this little Fishing Game!

Now I know, I was a little silly. Thinking I'd never find something for Jake. He LOVES to fish!! My son, is his father's son. :) The 2 of them, could fish for days, if you'd let them. Just sit there, with their fishing pole. In complete silence. Waiting for that 1 bite....

I'm still working on the bag. And some of the fish. But I did manage to get 5 fish made. And my hubs helped me with a pole. The 2 of them, have spent hours "fishing!!" Yes, this has to be the best project ever!! I'm glad that my guys are enjoying it so much! ~Maggie